Lines of financing for Reindustrialization

The bases of the line of financing for Reindustrialization have been published.

In the next few weeks, the call for applications will be opened and thus the subsequent two-month deadline for submitting the application. The typology of investments that can be financed is as follows:

  • Creation of industrial establishments.
  • Transfer of industrial establishments.
  • Improvement and/or modifications of production lines.
  • Productive implementation of Connected Industry technology 4.0.

The characteristics of the program are:

  • Loan of 75% of the project budget.
  • Repayment term: 10 years with a 3 year grace period.
  • Interest rate: to be fixed in the call.
  • Payment in advance (upon presentation of the guarantee)

 The call will apply to investments made from January 2018 until 18 months after the resolution.

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