Baum closes the first round of financing of Alias Robotics

BAUM, together with BSK, closes the first round of financing of Alias Robotics for an amount of 750,000 euros, which will be completed with a second round of financing for another three million euros in 2020. This investment has been provided by the founders of the startup, as well as by several private investors, including Baron Capital and other professional investors.

In this time, Alias Robotics has made a niche worldwide with the development of a product for robotics that allows analysis of the behavior of industrial robots, identifying malfunctions, external computer attacks or alterations of the 'Blackbox' that controls the operation of these robotic devices.  The Spanish company's business forecasts for 2019 will multiply by 10 the business registered in 2018, surpassing those foreseen in the firm's strategic plan.

In parallel, Alias Robotics is offering and consolidating its security consulting services for companies that use robots for their automation processes as well as for robotics manufacturers. Among them is one of the leaders in the field of collaborative robots: Acutronic Robotics.

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